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Have you bought your tickets yet? We’ll all be there!

This is the event that originally brought us together for our trip to Zimbabwe.

Unite with Art is a contemporary art auction and gala to benefit UNICEF Canada. In just 3 years Unite with Art has raised almost $700,000 for UNICEF Canada. The 4th Unite with Art event features 90+ generously donated works from high profile regional and national artists in several mediums. In addition to the outstanding art collection, the auction will feature exquisite pieces donated from the fashion and design world.

The evening will include fine cuisine courtesy of the city’s best restaurants, a cocktail and dessert reception, luscious libations, and exceptional live entertainment.

Through the generous contribution of artists, galleries, sponsors and volunteers, Unite with Art aims to donate 100% of the art proceeds to UNICEF Canada.

We look forward to seeing you there!

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Last week I had the great honor of witnessing the birth of my friend Gabi’s first baby. Everything went well and at 5am Friday morning little Theo arrived in a state of the art delivery room at Vancouver’s Women & Children’s Hospital surrounded by his proud dad, a midwife and doula (and me!).

I could not help thinking how fortunate we are here in Canada that we have access and choices to unparalleled health care from the moment pregnancy begins. I can’t say we take this for granted, but we sure don’t realize the polar opposite that women in developing countries face every day.

When we were in Zimbabwe, we learned that 8 mothers die giving birth EVERY DAY – most of them of preventable and treatable causes. Make’s you think doesn’t it…?



HARARE, Zimbabwe, 19 October 2010 – Alongside her unemployed husband, Mutsa Mbore, 27, endured the excruciating pains of labour all night at their home in Mount Hampden, about 15 km west of Harare. The baby arrived in the early hours of the morning, but for Ms. Mbore, the bleeding and pains continued long after giving birth.

Please click above to read full article – and to watch short video clip on maternal health care in Zimbabwe.

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UNICEF report: Rights of women and children remain critical in Zimbabwe

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UNICEF report: Rights of women and children remain critical in Zimbabwe

HARARE, Zimbabwe, 22 March 2011 – Tanaka Zoma, 14, is in seventh grade at Musarava Primary School in Zaka, Masvingo Province. He should be in ninth grade like most of his friends.

Please click above to read full article.

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She’ll be three times less likely to get HIV/AIDS, earn 25 percent more income and have a smaller, healthier family.

Educated girls grow into educated women, who have healthier babies and are more likely to educate their children.

When girls and women earn income, they reinvest 90 percent of it into their families, as compared to only 30 to 40 percent for a man.



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Is it really over?

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Our week in Zimbabwe was more extraordinary than I can faithfully put into words – I can only hope that some of my images and videos will do some justice in conveying the incredible spirit of this country and its people.

I look forward to reliving all the incredible moments we have shared over the past week while editing the thousands of photos and videos I took. I enjoy editing tremendously after a trip like this one as it allows me the opportunity to process what I have experienced – literally and figuratively!

Although I try to live fully in every moment, being behind the lens can sometimes place a filter between myself and what I am shooting. It’s not as though I am not connecting with the people and places I see. Quite the opposite – especially when it comes to children. It’s difficult to put into words the degree of focus I experience when photographing. I feel that in order to honestly capture and document one must remain curious and very present – almost to an extent of total exclusion of everything else surrounding me. In a sense, it is like meditation where one practices total singular attention. When I get back to the editing room I get the paradoxical feeling of reliving the experience combined with a sense of seeing things as if for the first time but with a warm deja vu.

This is particularly true with images of children. I love recognizing the little faces of the ones who shyly posed for me waiting anxiously to see their image on the back of my camera. I always wonder what they must think of these strange people who parachute in from a world away. Do they really understand where we are from, or do they really care? Is it simply the beautiful, universal curiosity of a child?

Please stay tuned over the next few weeks as we share more images and stories from our extraordinary journey to Zimbabwe. We return to our lives back home with great appreciation for the foundation of what we hold dear in our lives: friends, family, and good health; with renewed admiration and great respect for those who work tirelessly everyday to make life a little brighter for those who are not as fortunate.

Immeasureable thanks to the extraordinary UNICEF Zimbabwe team for a spectacularly organized trip – especially Peter, Marc, and Michaela. To Martha and David from UNICEF Canada and to UNITE with ART for bringing us all together. It was truly magic.


David, Alison, Jennifer, Samantha, Jesse, Lucia, Carlos and Martha